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Your life and your money

Have you ever been daunted by the shear number of financial options and vehicles there are today?

Have you ever wondered how you were ever going to make sense of it and care for yourself and your family?

Have you ever been frustrated by not knowing where to turn next?

Scott wants you to be your own CFO and he shares not only why you should do it, but how. Scott walks with you each step of the way with clear examples and forms, easy instructions and checklists to monitor your progress.

I hope you feel motivated to put the concepts you’ve learned into action. I trust that wherever you are financially, you won’t take this subject matter lightly. Our attitude toward improving our financial house will dictate how much action we take and what we’re willing to do to better our financial situation. Whether you’re monetarily strapped or a high-net-worth individual really doesn’t matter; the steps in this book apply to all. Everyone wins when we have our financial affairs in order.

- Scott Feher, Your Life and Your Money




Table Of Contents


Chapter 1 Excerpt